VHF Spectrum VS. UHF Spectrum

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What is the difference and what is best for your business?

Most two-way radios operate on either the VHF (Very High Frequency) or UHF (Ultra High Frequency) spectrum. Think of these as the roadways used to communicate from device to device. You may not think there is much of a difference, but in reality, these signals interact with their environment and devices quite differently. In this blog we’ll further explore some of the differences and help you determine what radio system is best for your business. 

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Some things to consider…

  1. UHF versus VHF

When we talk about frequency, this refers to the number of waves that move through a fixed point. This essentially speaks to the power of the signal the device emits and how far it travels. For example, VHF has a lower frequency, meaning it will not have as much power but will travel further. On the other hand, UHF has a higher frequency, leading to broader reception which can travel through barriers. It’s necessary that you match your existing equipment if you plan on keeping it, to the spectrum of new devices. 

UHF and VHF Spectrums for two-way radios

2. Analog versus Digital

Both analog and digital radios such as Hytera radios or Icom Handheld Radios will have UHF enabled or VHF enabled options. However, we should note that digital radios include an extra step in the encoding of signals. This extra step ensures crisp communication over the entirety of a covered area. Analog radios do not have this capability, and communication will fade as you get to the edges of a covered area.

3. What environment do you operate in?

The most crucial consideration in picking your two-way radio equipment is what your environment looks like. If you operate indoors in a smaller area, VHF analog radios may be the better, more cost-effective option. However if your work is typically centred outdoors, or in wide coverage areas, UHF digital will ensure crisp communication throughout the entirety of the site. 

indoor vs outdoor two way radios

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We hope this information helped clarify some of the biggest differences between the two-way radio technology out there. We proudly, and confidently, offer Hytera Radios and Icom Handheld Radios that will service your business needs. By contacting us we’ll further assess your workplace needs and provide the service or radio rentals that is best for your operations. 

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