5 Reasons Why You Need Cell Signal Boosters For Your Vehicle Fleet

Improving Your Productivity And Efficiency

Communication is crucial in many industries. But when you are highly mobile, it becomes imperative that you are able to maintain constant communication. Having a cell signal booster removes the need for long delays waiting on crucial messages or the need to remain in certain areas for long periods of time only because of cell signal connection.

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Allows For Real-Time Data Transmission

When you need to provide crucial information, you should be able to do so immediately regardless of geographical location. Don’t wait for the signal to become available to receive phone calls, messages, or emails. Being able to convey information instantly and at the right moment can prevent costly mistakes and delays. Your drivers will be able to stay up to date with all the latest information without the need to stop in designated zones or the need to wait through slow and inconsistent signals.

Gives Security To The Drivers 

Your fleet is constantly on the move and will be travelling to some of the most remote locations in Canada such as the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia and the oil fields of Alberta. At the best of times, you may be able to connect to an unreliable service signal if any at all or they have to wait to find a connection. Do not leave the safety of your fleet up to chance, a cell signal booster ensures that no matter where that driver is located they can be guaranteed high quality and reliable service. Whether the truck breaks down or there is an accident, being able to communicate in these emergency situations will bring peace of mind to you and all of your drivers.

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Emergency Preparedness

Life is unpredictable at the best of times and we cannot always be prepared for every situation that is given to us. But we can always prepare for the unexpected to the best of our ability. When an emergency arises it is important to be able to communicate with the right emergency services or authorities. A signal booster can ensure that communication is possible no matter where you are located as well as ensure that the communication is consistent and of high quality. Signal boosters also provide the ability to be tracked, which can be helpful for rescue teams for location tracking, especially with rough terrain and weather conditions.

Stay In Contact With Loved Ones 

Fleets travel across great distances over long periods of time which means they are away from friends and family for great lengths of time. Drivers may be going to locations where they do not have direct access to communication with their loved ones and this can take a great toll over long periods of time. The addition of cell signal boosters to your fleet means that no matter where you send your fleet, the drivers can be assured that they can call or facetime their friends and family. 

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Give Your Fleet A Boost

Having the right equipment is crucial but also making sure that it is implemented properly is vital to its overall effectiveness and desired effect. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in all forms of new communications technologies and services. If you are interested in adding boosters or want to check out our other services, visit our website here. We have offices in Edmonton, AB & Fort Nelson, BC which serves all of Alberta & North Eastern BC including the Montney and Horn River Basin areas.

If you have any questions or are interested in getting signal boosters for your fleet, please contact us on our website or give us a call at 1-877-560-3276. 

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