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Portable Tower Trailer Rentals

Providing communication solutions to remote locations

Virtually any communication gap can be bridged with the set-up of a portable tower equipped to facilitate safe, secure and reliable communication. But there is no one-size-fits-all solution because every company has different communications needs, driven by the nature of the business, the location, the number of users and the type of communication required.

Every customer can expect a complete turnkey solution, including engineering, prototype manufacturing, customs and transportation logistics equipment integration, training and 24/7 service.

  • Quick deployment with timely transport to any location
  • A variety of sizes (23 to 106 foot) for any application
  • Equipment manufactured to military standards
  • Designed to withstand northern climates
  • Quick, easy installation and tear down
  • Secured with outriggers for complete stability
  • Minimal foot print 30’ X 40’

Potential equipment add-ons:

  • Cell Boosters
  • Two-way Radio Repeaters
  • Microwave Hardware
  • Customer owned equipment

*additional rates will apply

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