Two-Way Radio Communications

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Two-way Radio Rentals

Experience the many benefits of two-way radio wireless communication

When you need communication between employees, or vehicle to vehicle over a large area (up to a 50kilometer radius), two-way radios are an excellent option. 

Our two-way radio equipment is designed and engineered by Icom Canada, an industry leader offering a wide range of models and features for every budget and application, including intrinsically safe models for well sites and truck and shack radios. 

Ask about our rental rates for hand-held two-way radios and models installed in vehicles and buildings. 

VHF and UHF options available 

  • Handheld Radios
    • Intrinsically safe
    • 5-kilometer range
    • Fully submersible
    • Up to 128 channels customizable to multiple banks
  • Truck Radios
    • Higher power in-vehicle radio
    • 30-kilometer range
    • Comply with road safety
    • Up to 501 channels customizable to multiple banks
  • Base Station Radios
    • Longest distance radio
    • 50-kilometer range
    • 128 Channels customizable to multiple banks
  • Accessories available: mics, headsets, spare batteries, gang chargers, cup chargers
  • On-site inventory of parts that need regular replacement, such as batteries and antennas (large orders only)
  • Maintenance free installation and on-site service

Rentals at competitive rates. Call for information today! 

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