The Importance of Cybersecurity in Telecommunications

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Why Protect Your Business

Most business owners understand the necessity of managing sensitive data, but struggle to recognize the importance and maintenance that comes with security data. They often see it as a “chore” or a check-box exercise imposed on them by regulatory bodies. Cybersecurity has never been more crucial in this day and age, as most of our professional lives have shifted online. Even if businesses are still service-based, the majority of management and archiving of services are stored digitally. 

As a telecommunications company, we’re responsible for managing sensitive data for our clients, which is why we’re so passionate about the topic. Since lockdowns there has also been an increase in the number of cyberattacks on both small and large businesses alike. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, 1 in 5 small businesses have been affected by a cyber attack or data breach.1

Cyber Risks: An Increased Threat Since Lockdowns

Recently the federal government has also introduced an updated legislation to protect Canada’s security. With the introduction of Bill C-26 just over a year ago, increased measures to national security and data management has affected how we operate as a telecommunications company working in largely federal-regulated industrial sectors. While this bill adds another layer of responsibility with increased federal regulation measures, our aim is to increase the awareness of the importance of cybersecurity threats internally within companies.

The shift to online modes of communication since covid lockdowns has left people heavily reliant on having strong, stable and security online systems in place. With this in mind, cyber criminals have taken advantage of this, as we’ve seen increases in the number of security breaches, phishing emails, and other cyber attacks.1

Common Threats To Your Business

Some examples of common threats to your business might include phishing attacks, unknown ransomware, and DDoS (Distributed denial of service) attacks. Phishing attacks and awareness are fairly common, however cybercriminals have found other means to disguise these types of messages. Ransomware and DDoS are also less commonly known and understand types of cyberattacks. 


Ransomware is a malware used to deny a user or organization access to files on their computer. Simply put, cybercriminals place companies in a position where a ransom is required for their files. DDoS attacks have also been increasingly common within the past few years. These types of attacks are tricky to identify, simply because security breaching may just take the form of slow-loading pages, or connection or hosting issues.

What Steps Can Your Company Take To Protect Itself?

It’s important that cybersecurity becomes a collective responsibility within an organization. Security breaches can take many forms, and educating your staff team is the best way to prevent any expensive losses or recovery of information. 

Outside of education, there are direct measures that can be taken to decrease your risk of cyberattacks. Some of these measures include implementing firewalls, having up-to-date anti-virus software as well as encrypting secure files. Ensuring that all primary software platforms are up-to-date may seem unnecessary, however older software makes it easier for hackers to learn the coding and find ways to infiltrate it. Simply keeping software updated can make companies less susceptible to experienced hackers.

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Outside of online security, as telecommunications companies operating out of both Alberta and British Columbia, we’re weary of the security risks that come with having multiple lines of communication between company parties. Whether you’re hoping to boost your 5G network, or set up a new line of radios for your on-site team, security education is an essential value of our service that we hope to pass off to your team. 



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