What To Watch Out For When Using Portable Communication Towers In Winter

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Preventing Winter Disruptions

During winter, it is important to consider the unique challenges that come with using portable cell towers, also known as Cell on Wheels (COW) Trailers, Portable Tower Systems (PTS), or Mobile Tower Trailers (MTT). These temporary structures are a vital tool for restoring communication during winter storms, natural disasters, and other emergencies, but they require proper care and maintenance to function correctly. Especially during winter. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your portable cell towers in winter.

Keep the Towers Warm

Portable cell towers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, but extreme cold can still cause problems. To prevent freezing, ensure that the towers are properly insulated and equipped with heaters. Also, make sure the batteries are kept warm, as cold temperatures can reduce their performance.

Protect Against Snow and Ice

Snow and ice can build up on the towers and disrupt service. To prevent this, use a soft brush to remove snow and ice from the antennas and other equipment, and consider using a de-icing solution to prevent ice from forming. Additionally, make sure the towers are properly anchored to prevent them from being knocked over by strong winds.

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Check the Generators

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Use Cell Signal Boosters

Portable cell towers often come equipped with cell signal boosters, which can amplify the signal and improve service in areas with poor reception. In winter, it is especially important to use these boosters to combat the disruptions caused by snow, ice, and storms. If yours doesn’t have this, be sure to get one from us. Find more here. 

Have a Plan in Place

The key to using portable cell towers successfully in winter is to have a plan in place. This includes knowing where the towers will be deployed, who will be responsible for setting them up and maintaining them, and how to respond to potential problems. By having a plan in place, you will be able to quickly and effectively restore communication during an emergency. 

Emergency response plan

Need Help? We are here 24/7!

Portable cell towers can provide reliable and stable communication in the winter when you have proper maintenance of your technology. They are able to be used almost anywhere to keep you connected and safe. By following the above tips and having a plan in place, you can ensure that your portable cell towers are ready to go when you need them most.


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