Why Does My Phone Keep Dropping Calls?

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“Hello?… Are you there?… Hello?”

Nothing is louder than the sound of dead air when a call drops. Nor is anything more irritating. These interruptions are especially frustrating for business owners and employees who need consistent communication with their clients.

If this happens to you often, you may be looking for solutions to the problem. We’ll go over some of the reasons that this may be happening to you. 

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Proximity and Coverage

This is a simple problem that many business owners and individuals have. That is the proximity to cell towers that are responsible for sending and receiving the data necessary to complete calls. The further you are from a cell tower, the higher your likelihood of having a dropped call. This is why it is important to use a cell service provider that offers high coverage over geographic areas, especially if you operate or are located in a more remote community. 

Pro tip: Always be sure to check your proximity to communication towers when choosing a new office or retail space.

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Building Materials

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Another common answer to your lack of successfully completed calls is the materials around you. Buildings that are built with dense material and thick insulation will impede your cell signal. Top of the list of materials that will kill your signal is cement/concrete, steel, and thick hardwood. These materials are often too dense for airwaves to penetrate, particularly when used in tandem with fiberglass insulation. 

Cell Traffic

Communication towers or cell phone towers operate on a first come first serve basis. That means if a number of people are connected to the same tower, it will be tricky for you to connect as well. Often calls can be dropped mid-call if the tower’s traffic is too high as well. 

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We’re your solution for Cell Phone Boosters!

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Luckily we have solutions to each of these problems. We offer call signal boosters aka portable cell towers. Portable towers and signal boosters help you maintain consistent and reliable connections when you need them most. Brands we partner with are WeBoost and Smoothtalker which offer technology to solve your connection issues. 

Never drop a call again!

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