Fiber Optic Cabling Care & Maintenance Guide

Fiber optics

Fiber Optic Services Are The Future

Fiber optic is a technology that was developed to transmit information as pulses of light through stands of fiber made of plastic or glass. The use of this technology is becoming more and more common. Many people understand fiber optics as related to their TV and internet service, but it also has many other uses. These include telephone service and cabling in medical, oil and gas, and office buildings.

This blog will go over some of the ways you can ensure the reliability of your fiber optic cabling.

Reduce Contamination

There are certainly specific tools that need to be used and procedures that need to be executed when working with fiber optic cabling. Primarily it is essential to ensure that your cables are uncontaminated from material such as dust or food particles. Condensation can also increase your likelihood of network downtime, leading to lags in the performance of your information systems.

It’s important whenever connecting cables that you clean the ends off before plugging them in. Isopropyl alcohol applied to a  lint-free wiping material is typically safe and effective in ensuring contaminant-free cables. 

fiber optic cabling components

Avoid Over-Maintenancing

Fibre optic cabling data centre

After fiber optic installation, there is very little maintenance that needs to be done on your cabling. In fact, these systems are designed to be left alone unless they are damaged. Performing constant maintenance checks can actually be damaging to your cables. Over-maintenance can lead to dropping or excessive bending of the cables which are detrimental to the fragile components of fiber optic systems. It can also lead to the introduction of contaminants into the system. 

Aside from cleaning cables when reconnecting, no other maintenance needs to be done. 

Ensure Safety Measures are Taken

If you are taking on the maintenance of your system, it is always important that you take care of yourself first. While fiber optics don’t carry electricity, working with them is still associated with cleaning chemicals and the risk of splintering glass or plastics which can come in contact with the skin or eyes. 

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Our tips are to

  • Avoid looking into the end of an operating optical interface. The laser radiation of the cables can harm the eyes.
  • Turn off the unit power before undergoing any cleaning or maintenance.
  • Do not remove the covers of the operating transceivers. 
  • Leave optical devices untouched, where cleaning is not required.

The Future is Now and We’re Delivering it

Fiber optic cabling component

We have always recognized that innovations like fiber optics are paramount to technological success. Everything we do starts with the recognition that clear, reliable communication is a must for our clients. It is not something you need from time to time; you need communication 24/7, regardless of the location and conditions.

Whether it is maintenance or fiber optic splicing, we are ready to help. 

Contact us today or learn more about fiber optic splicing and services here.

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