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There is nothing more frustrating than having dropped wifi signals in this day and age. Considering the technology advancements, we are now more than ever, completely reliant on our connections. Wifi networks can have a tendency to be unreliable and finicky in nature, however, it’s important to note exactly what the factors are that interfere with performance of the signal. 

Internet signals have a lot to work through these days which includes: 

  • Physical obstructions which could include walls, objects, and furniture
  • Too many smart devices using too much internet capacity 
  • Floor plans or physical distance from a router – it’s no surprise that a smaller sized condo may have a strong connection compared to a large multi-leveled home

If you feel that you understand the factors behind a disrupted signal but still find that your Wifi is sluggish – we will be taking you through some wifi signal enhancement tips to better your signal so you can continue to stay connected.

Speed test for connection

1. Check your wired internet connection

As easy as it is to immediately blame the Wifi – it’s important to check your internet connection first, and determine if your connection is performing well.

Running a speed test is a quick way to see your internet speed. This would include using an ethernet cable and plugging your computer directly into your modem. Common solutions would be replacing your modem or looking into better plans that offer faster connections. 

If your modem is running well, take a wireless connection test and stand near your modem to test the internet connection wirelessly. If you have poor connection near your modem or have good connection near your modem but not anywhere else in your home – your Wifi coverage could be the issue. 

2. Consider repositioning your router

It’s not completely uncommon for homes to distribute wifi signals unevenly. To that note, it’s very important where the router is placed in your home, because it’s location can hugely affect the wireless coverage. It’s important to hide your router – even though that is typically the first thought, so it’s out of the way and hidden away from sight. In fact, the ideal location for your router, is in a central location of your home or business. 

Although tempting to hide away the large plain box – it will actually provide a much better signal in an open, central location. Having this router in an open space also prevents it from overheating and removing any other appliances from its surrounding area will benefit the signal’s quality as well.

It’s surprising how beneficial it is to remove one wall between your workspace and a router – quality will improve drastically.

women using a mac book

3. Update your security 

How secure is your Wifi? It may not come at a surprise that with a weak password, or an open network then you may have too many users using your network. As you can imagine, the more users, the more your wifi has to work for a good signal. 

If you find the issue of the Wifi over user and remedy the issue – look to changing your password to something much more difficult to crack. 

4. Optimize your router settings

As mentioned above, updating security settings could be beneficial for improving your connection, and optimizing your router settings can get you there. When you gain access to firmware, you are capable of making any changes you’d like for your router settings. These changes could include: network name, password settings, security level and parental controls.

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While Wifi has a tendency to be finicky and unpredictable, we hope we were able to give some key tips that may benefit you when you are faced with a poor signal. 

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