The Impact of Building Materials on your Signal

Does your signal need a boost?

Dropped signals are sure to frustrate even the calmest person you know. In a day and age where almost everything relies on internet connectivity, you don’t want anything to interfere with the performance of wifi. However, sometimes the material in your building may be affecting how these important wavelengths travel to your devices. This is why signal enhancement technology exists. 

If you’re not sure why your wifi isn’t working, read on to learn about the materials in your environment which may be disrupting your service. 

Materials to watch for:

building materials

Metal: The ultimate signal blocking material. Metal is electricity conductor which means the radio waves you need to reach your device, are being absorbed into many surrounding metals instead.

Concrete: Concrete tends to be the thickest element in any building structure. This makes it hard for waves to travel through. This physical obstruction is amplified by any metal support structures in the concrete.

Plaster: While, not very thick, plaster walls can still slow down your internet speed as they are made up of a mix of lime, gypsum, or cement.

Ceramic Tile: Like drywall, wifi signal weakens as it travels through ceramic tile. Since tiles are often installed using drywall or plaster, the impact is compounded with other signal blocking materials.

Mirrors: They don’t just reflect images! Mirrors are often made of a thin piece of metal coated with glass. Due to this metal backing, they cause electromagnetic interference.


Are these present in your environment?

With signal enhancers you can bypass the impacts of materials in your environment which may be impeding your connectivity. Wifi Signal enhancement is achieved by pulling in a weak signal, boosting it, and then rebroadcasting it out.

These signal boosters are composed of an external antenna to capture the signal, an amplifier to boost the weak signal, add an indoor antenna to rebroadcast the signal in your home, office, or car. This works for cell phone signal, wifi signal enhancement, and radio frequencies.

Learn more about the benefits of wifi and signal boosters here.

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Ready to boost your signal now?

Signal boosters are the most efficient way to bypass obstructions to your wifi or cell phone signal from your physical environment.

Our experienced technicians can get you started. Read about our services here or contact us here.

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