Boosting Your Signal: The Benefits Of Signal Enhancers

Cell phone boosters have substantially gained popularity over the years moving from rural areas to urban markets. For businesses and clients looking to enhance their weak signal inside a car, office or home, then a cellular booster would be very beneficial. A cellular booster is a certified electronic equipment that improves existing networks:

  • 3G
  • 4G
  • 5G
  • PCS
  • AWS
  • LTE
  • CDMA

Simply put, signal boosters are legal devices that help improve call quality, weak cell signal, and provide faster data speeds. In this day and age, no one should worry about dropped calls. However, with slow data speeds, unsent text messages and calling issues, the importance of a signal booster is crucial.

What causes weak signals?

Satelitte dish

Signal enhancers ​​are legal devices that are used to help improve call quality, weak cell and wifi signal and provide faster data speeds in areas where the signal isn’t as optimal – oftentimes, this happens due to certain building materials that can prevent strong signals. Even more often, weak signals are caused in remote areas, where a cell booster is most often required to get a connection.

From home to remote locations, evolving signal technologies require the latest equipment to properly boost and repeat cell service. That’s why we offer signal enhancement options, to get a cellular boost no matter where you are. More information can be found here.

Why do signal enhancers work?

In a previous blog, we talked about wifi signal enhancement tips and the factors associated with a dropped signal, but we didn’t touch on how they work. A cell booster works by pulling in weak outside signals, boosting them, and rebroadcasting the boosted signal into the desired areas, creating a stronger signal. 


At Earth Communications, our signal enhancements options are the following: 

  • Cell Phone Booster
  • Wifi Signal Enhancement 
  • Radio Frequency

What are the benefits?

With the proper signal enhancement option, there are numerous benefits including:

  • Better calls with higher voice clarity
  • High mobility – can be installed nearly anywhere (options for homes, offices & cars)
  • Faster internet connectivity
  • More stable internet connection
  • Easy enough to install and maintain
  • More affordable option
  • Can bypass blocking building materials
Man on his phone in front of portable cell towers


At Earth Communications, we supply communication solutions to many different industries, businesses and individuals across Western Canada.  Whether you are looking for options for wifi signal enhancement, cell signal boosters or any other communication solutions, then contact us today! 

Find more information about our signal enhancement services here


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