How To Make A 5G Network Work For You

Reliable and fast communication when you need it!

The advent of 5G means technological progress for many industries and faster, more reliable, communication when you need it, where you need it! You may be wondering what the differences are between 5G and its 4G predecessor. This article covers some of the differences and details how you can make the most of your 5G connection.

How are 5G towers different?

Reliability from 5G cell towers comes from improved signal engineering in the following 3 areas:


Speed. 5G networks are built on super high-frequency networks which make 5G about 100 times faster than 4G. This means faster downloads, faster data collection, and faster streaming! For this network to work on its high-band spectrum, carriers are deploying networks from city to city, with their own cell towers.

Capacity. With 5G, there is no longer the issue of too many people being on the same network. Whether you are at a packed venue, in the middle of crowded downtown areas, or on the train, 5G infrastructure is engineered to withstand any capacity on its networks. Think of 5G as a new highway with more lanes for cars to drive on!

Latency. Similar to speed, latency speaks to the time it takes for devices to communicate with each other. Speed measures the amount of time for the contents of a webpage to download, while latency measures the time it takes for a device to register that it has received a signal. Improved latency means real-time signal transmission, which makes technology like automated cars and real-time gaming possible. Faster latency means increased safety and efficiency for the technology of today!

Women holding a phone with 5G service on it

How portable cell tower rentals can help?

Portable cell tower in the winter

If you are located in more remote areas, far away from a 5G tower, you may find it hard to connect to this bandwidth. This is due to the engineering of 5G frequencies operating on high-band spectrum which can have a hard time getting through walls, windows, and other hard

surfaces. If you live or work outside of the city which has a network of 5G cell towers, you may find it hard to reap the benefits of 5G systems. You can read about the impact of certain building materials in this blog. 

Portable tower systems act as cell tower networks on wheels which can help enhance the signal of your devices and keep you on the fast 5G network. At Earth Communications our experienced team can find you the right technological solution to enhance your signals and keep you communicating. Get your cell tower on wheels or portable cell tower rentals from us today!

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