Cell Vs WIFI Signal Enhancement

When it comes to worksite communication, special attention must be given to signal enhancement. Managers require open lines of communication to coordinate employees in order for a worksite to function efficiently. These same managers also require adequate communication mediums in order to coordinate with other service providers that assist in carrying out a project to completion. 


In this blog, we’re going to focus on worksite signal enhancement as it applies to cell signals and WIFI signals. We will detail how critical cell and WIFI signal boosting is to a structured communication plan, as well as highlight two alternate but related methods that deserve mention. 


Cell Signal Enhancement

There are a few key reasons why companies require adequate cell phone signals in their daily operations.

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The first and most obvious reason is the use of basic cell phone communication functions, such as calls or SMS (text). In Canada, this becomes increasingly important the further away from cities your worksites are. It is an unfortunate reality that in Canada only about 1/5th of land is accompanied by a meaningful cell signal.

The second need for a cell phone booster is to be able to seamlessly connect with the internet, especially when a WIFI signal is absent or out of range. The internet may be needed in order to operate third-party apps or management programs, for example. A cell phone signal will also be required to use cloud services such as the Google Suite. Cell signal boosters allow for a greater range of coverage than typically offered by telecommunications companies. The right cell signal boosting options allow you to stay connected in the ways that matter most to your company, especially if that company is decentralized in its operational functions. 


Example: An oil and gas company based out of Edmonton, Alberta that carries out rig operations north of the city may have periodic struggles with employee communications. It could be as simple as being able to give employers your ETA when called out to a job. A cell booster in the hands of such employees would amplify the ability to communicate to managers and limit dropped calls. This increases the likelihood of clear understanding and managed expectations. 


WIFI Signal Enhancement

Connection to WIFI is another example of a communication line that is increasingly important to companies that require effective worksite communication.

The main difference between investing in a WIFI extender and a cell phone booster is that a WIFI extender may suffice given the geographical location of employees. If all employees are working within a few hundred feet of a communication hub, then a cell booster may not be the best option. As long as there’s a central WIFI connection established on-site, a WIFI extender may be the best option to keep your team connected and communicating.

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WIFI extenders (also known as a WIFI booster) give you the flexibility and freedom of an enhanced internet connection, potentially limiting your need for costly cell phone coverage and additional accounts. 


Example: Let’s take a resource-extraction company in Northwest British Columbia that has a small team deployed to a nearby worksite. This site comes with a pre-established WIFI network, and most employees will be spending their time within 200 feet of this main operations area. A WIFI booster, or a strategically planned collection of them, can serve to keep employees connected to the internet. This is beneficial for both company operations and for employee recreational use. The company saves money on additional cell phone accounts and mitigates the need for cell phone signal boosters. Companies can continue to thrive operationally, and employees are kept satisfied both on and off the job. 


Additional Signal Enhancement Considerations


There are surely times when additional signal enhancement methods are needed to complement cell service or WIFI signals. Such applications include: 


Radio Frequency

There is immense importance to a correctly planned radio frequency network, and there is a structured approach to doing so. 

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In our previous blog “Choosing The Right Two-Way Radio” we underscore the several considerations when planning for onsite radio frequency. We also discuss accessories that can supplement this technology, what two-way radio may be right for your team, as well as tips for maintenance. Sometimes radio frequencies also need additional signal enhancement, which is commonplace for companies with commonly changing worksites.

Cell On Wheels

A “cell on wheels” system is essentially a portable tower capable of broadcasting specific communication signals. They have a wide range of applications for many different businesses. In our latest cell on wheels blog, we detail the portability of such systems and what types of businesses might benefit most from their use. These portable cell towers are tremendously versatile and there are several ways to optimize their use by opting for cell tower add-ons. Signal enhancement is always easier to achieve with the pre-existence of these portable systems. 


How Earth Communications Can Help 

At Earth Communications, we pride ourselves on the ability to ask great questions upfront about the specific needs of your business. Our managers and technicians are armed with a sense of duty and resourcefulness, making us uniquely suited to solving modern communication challenges. 


Whether it’s boosting a conventional cell signal to allow for interpersonal communication, or using a WIFI extender to keep everyone connected to the internet-based programs you rely on, you can count on us to simplify the process and ensure connectivity is the least of your concerns. We’re dedicated to empowering companies to increase their operational capabilities by ensuring communication needs are met with meaningful solutions.

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