Why You Need A Dash Camera

Many businesses we serve must utilize the great open road to serve their customers. Some of these companies are responsible for delivering their products to customers. Others jump in a vehicle and head to their customer’s site to provide a valued service. And others make their living by delivering people from place to place. 

In each of these cases, the vehicle is either the primary agent of revenue generation or, at the very least, a crucial component of product and service delivery. It’s necessary to protect these assets, especially in the case of an accident. 

Enter dash cameras (AKA dash cams), a key piece of technology serving to protect those businesses reliant on vehicles for revenue generation. 

In the following paragraphs, we’re going to breakdown the following:

  • The benefits and capabilities of dash cams, and why they’re important 
  • What businesses and individuals dash cams benefit most
  • The brand of dash cam we recommend and install

Let’s get on the road!

Benefits & Capabilities

Dash cam mounted in a car

Dash cameras function as advanced incident cameras capable of providing evidence of events leading up to, during, and after a road traffic accident. 

Today’s dash cams are getting more and more advanced. The types we install are highly advanced, equipped with robust 3G video transmission, built-in tracking and telematics data.  These dash cams give drivers a unique sense of comfort by recording the following information:

  • Driver view of the road
  • Vehicle location
  • The impact force of an accident
  • Audio
  • Driving style

So, you might be asking, why is this so important? 

We live in a litigious world, and our roads are jam-packed with other motorists looking out for their best interest. In the case of an accident, many legal positions are fragile without the availability of real-time data. Sometimes, it’s one driver’s word vs the other. This all changes with a dash camera, which protect you from the following modern road issues faced by today’s drivers: 

  • Insurance fraud and staged collisions
  • Exaggerated or outright false whiplash claims
  • Conflicted reporting of events by two or more parties
  • Driving offence allegations (speeding, traffic light violations, reckless driving, etc.)

It’s simply not enough to rely on memory in the case of a road-related accident. Business owners can avoid inconvenient, expensive litigation processes by investing in a dash

car accident

camera. And in the unfortunate event of injuries to affected parties, the last thing owners will wish to do is needlessly fight over circumstance. 

Plan for the future and protect your life and valued assets with a dash camera.

Who Can Benefit Most From Dash Camera Technology?

As mentioned above, any individual or business that relies on their vehicle for revenue generation is suitable to dash cam technology. 

However, specific industries and professionals are uniquely suited to a dash cams protection: 

  • Commercial fleets
  • Commercial trucking 
  • Concrete and ready-mix
  • Taxi and livery
  • Public transportation
  • Transit rail
  • First responders
  • Waste and recycling 
taxi's with smart witness camera systems

Example Scenario 

A concrete ready-mix truck is on its way to a site delivery in Calgary, Alberta, when it’s involved in a road accident. The vehicle is struck at the front end travelling through a green light by a driver who failed to stop at a red light. Luckily, no one was injured. However, in court proceedings, the truck driver is accused of failing to stop at a yellow light by the offending driver.

Luckily, the concrete ready-mix truck is equipped with a Smart Witness Dash Camera (see below for more information on this dash cam!). The concrete truck driver’s lawyer delivers the accident footage to the court, showing no fault. Clearly, the video shows the other driver was at fault. Thanks, trusty dash cam!

The above scenario is merely an example, but it becomes clear how the dash camera protected those not guilty of the accident in such a scenario. Dash cams hold those responsible accountable, keeping businesses and assets protected!

The Dash Cam Technology We Recommend & Utilize

At Earth Communications, part of our job is to protect our clients and customers from undue harm and workplace hazards wherever we can. When it comes to dash cameras, we always recommend the Smart Witness KPIS Vehicle Accident Camera

The Smart Witness camera system is the world’s most advanced incident camera. It features a 720p wide-angle HD camera, 3-Axis G-Sensor, microphone, two SD card slots, integrated GPS receiver, and much more! Optional is a supplementary 2nd “plug and play” camera connected to the central unit for recording the driver, rear of the vehicle or side views and blind spots. 

The Smart Witness dash cam is our go-to choice for businesses in need of on-board camera technology.

smart witness camera system

The Earth Communications Advantage

At Earth Communications, we supply communication solutions to many different industries, businesses and individuals across Western Canada. Whether you own a fleet of taxi cabs in British Columbia, a commercial fleet in Alberta, or manage a crew of first responders in Saskatchewan or Manitoba, Earth Communications is ready to help! 

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