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Take your career to new heights as an Earth Communications technician

Think you need a background in telecom or IT to become an Earth Communications technician? Think again. “What we are looking for is people who are service oriented and have a willingness to learn,” says Craig McDonald, CEO for Earth Communications. “We will provide the technical training.”

24-hour service and technical support, provided on site or remotely by highly trained technicians
While it helps to have technical experience, you will be considered for employment if you have a service orientation, a willingness to learn – and no fear of heights.

You can look forward to joining an existing team of technicians, many of whom have been with the company for over four years. “That kind of loyalty shows Earth Communications is a great place to work,” says Mr. McDonald.


The nature of our work means you will often work at remote locations. But you will never be out of touch because we understand that regular communication is important not just for our customers, but also our employees. “We want our employees to stay connected to the people they care about,” says Mr. McDonald. That means a husband can connect with his wife and kids via a FaceTime chat or an employee can connect with a friend by instant messaging.

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Through quality, integrity and safe operations, Earth Communications proudly provides products and services that empower our customers to communicate effectively in todays’ changing world.